Feelworld FW-1D/S/O User Manual

Page 6

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3. Y IN: Y signal input

4. Y 0UT: Y signal output

5. Pb IN Pb signal input

6. Pb OUT:Pb signal output

7. Pr IN: Pr signal input

8. Pr OUT: Pr signal output

9. VIDEO IN: Composite Video signal input

10. VIDEO OUT: Composite video signal output

11. AUDIO IN: Audio signal input

12. AUDIO OUT: Audio signal output

13. HD-SDI IN: Digital component serial interface signal input(optional)

14.HD-SDI OUT: Digital component serial interface signal output(optional)

15.Battery Plate slot:(Accordingto the users' requirements selection)-see

attached instruction

16. DC power input interface

17. 4-pin XLR DC power input

18. Tally(indicator) signal input

19. Power ON/OFF Switch:

Power On, ○ Power Off

1.3. Side view:

1.There are 1/4 thread mounting holes in the monitor, they are not only for