Caution – Feelworld FW-1D/S/O User Manual

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To insure best use of the unit, please read the user's manual carefully.


1. Please use the adapter attached in the accessory.

2. Do not expose this product to direct sunlight, heat or humid conditions

3. Keep away from strong light while using this product so as to obtain the

clearest and the most colorful picture.

4. Please avoid heavy impact or drop on the ground.

5. Do not use chemical solutions to clean this unit. Please simply wipe with a

clean soft cloth to keep the brightness of the surface.

6. Without adjustable component in the unit, please do not take apart or

repair the unit by yourself, to avoid damage the product.


1Product description --------------------------------------------------- 3

1.1.Front panel view -------------------------------------------------- 3

1.2.Rear panel view --------------------------------------------------- 4

1.3.Side view ------------------------------------------------------------ 5

1.4.Battery Plates ---------------------------------------------------- 6

1.5.Battery plates for various batteries ------------------------ 7

1.6.Power input way -------------------------------------------------- 7

1.7.Sun shade installation and remove -------------------------- 9

1.8.TALLY use and connect --------------------------------------------12


Button operation instruction ----------------------------------------12

3. Menu function introduction ------------------------------------------14

4. Signal format form ----------------------------------------------------- 19

5. Accessories -------------------------------------------------------------- 20

6. Parameters---------------------------------------------------------------- 21

7. Trouble shooting-------------------------------------------------------- 22