Feelworld FW-1D/S/O User Manual

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fix hot shoe mount, magic arm, but also convenient for customers' install sun


1.4. Battery plates:

F970 LP-E6 D28

Panasonic Anton Bauer Sony V-Mount Plate

According to the different requirements of battery for the customers, attached

different battery plate slots. NO requirements, the factory defaults assembly

F970 battery plate.

1.4.1 Sony F970 battery slot for battery of Sony DV:

Sony F970 F960 F950 T930 F770 T750 F730 F570 F550 F530 QM91D

OM91 QM90D QM90 QM71D QM71 QM70D QM70 QM51D QM51

FM71 FM70 series

1.4.2 Canon LP-E6 battery slot for battery of Canon DV:

Canon LP-E6

1.4.3 Panasonic D28 battery slot for battery of Panasonic DV:

Panasonic D55 D54S D54SE D40 D35 D33 D32 D28 D25 D22 series