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Before proceeding with the Setup Wizard, close all other applications. If other applications are
active, while PC/CFN is saving critical data, registry keys or database entries can get corrupted.


Installing and Uninstalling PC/CFN

Using PC/CFN for the First Time

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MDE-4489 Gasboy® PC/CFN User’s Guide·July 2005

After completing the registration, enter the PC/CFN Setup Wizard, which will guide you
through the set up of your PC/CFN Fuel Management software.

Setting up PC/CFN Fuel Management Software

To set up PC/CFN Fuel Management software, proceed as follows:


On the Setup Wizard's Start tab, click Start.


Read all the information on the help screens before continuing.


Click Next.


When Page 2 of the Start tab appears, click Print Setup Form.This prints a copy of the PC/
CFN Setup form.

Note: If you do not print out this form now, you can print it at another time using an editor,

such as Wordpad. This file is called setup.inf and can be found in the PC/CFN directory.


Exit from the Setup Wizard and fill out all applicable pages of this form before continuing. It
will be helpful if you have the card or key layout from your fuel management system handy. It
contains information about field names and sizes.


Click Quit to exit the PC/CFN Setup Wizard.

Note: If you are uncertain about any information requested on the Setup form, contact your

Gasboy representative to seek clarifications.


After you complete the Setup form, restart the PC/CFN package and proceed through the
Setup Wizard using that information.


When you reach the Finish tab of the Setup Wizard, click Print to print a list of your setup
information. Store this information along with your Setup form, in a secure place for future