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Installing and Uninstalling PC/CFN

Installing PC/CFN

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MDE-4489 Gasboy® PC/CFN User’s Guide·July 2005

Installing PC/CFN

Instructions for installing PC/CFN using Microsoft Windows 95/98 or higher are provided
here. If you are using Windows 2000 Professional or Windows NT, ensure that you follow the
additional instructions given in

“Special Instructions for Windows 2000 Professional or

Windows NT Workstation Installation” on page 5


To install PC/CFN, proceed as follows:


Turn on your computer, and start Microsoft Windows.


Insert the Gasboy PC/CFN software CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.


Click Start>Run.The Run Dialog Box appears.


Type D:\Setup.
Note: On most computers, the CD-ROM drive is D. If your CD-ROM drive is not D, type the

appropriate letter.


Click OK.


Follow the on-screen instructions for installation.

Modem Notice (If Upgrading from a Prior PC Windows Version)

When you add, edit or delete modems in the modem database using Setup/Communications
Parameters, the modem information is stored in a file called GBModem.ini. This file is located
in the Program Files\Common Files\Gasboy directory on your PC. If, at any time, you choose
to uninstall the PC/CFN software, the GBModem.ini file will be removed and any changes
that have been made to the modem information will be lost. Before uninstalling PC/CFN,
ensure that you save a copy of GBModem.ini (if you want to save your changes).

In version, three new Zoom modem configurations were added to PC/CFN. If you
uninstalled a prior version of PC/CFN and saved the GBModem.ini file and have installed
version, you have the following choices:

• If you did not make any changes to the modems in your previous package, simply install

the new software and the new GBmodem.ini file will be installed.

• If you made changes to the modems and saved a copy of the GBModem.ini before

uninstalling, and you are not using one of the new Zoom modems, install the software,
copy the file that you saved into the Program Files\Common Files\Gasboy directory. This
file will replace the new file that was installed with version

• If you made changes to the modems and saved a copy of GBModem.ini before

uninstalling and you also want to use one of the new Zoom modems, install the new
version, then use an editor to open the saved GBModem.ini file and the GBModem.ini file
in Program Files\Common Files\Gasboy directory. Use cut and paste to add any changes
from the saved GBModem.ini file into the GBModem.ini file in the Program
Files\Common Files\Gasboy directory.

If you are using the patch to update your software to version, follow the patch
instructions (C36109) for details on the GBModem.ini file.