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PC/CFN Basics

Terms to Know

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MDE-4489 Gasboy® PC/CFN User’s Guide·July 2005

Your raw fuel transaction file may be in one of three formats: standard Windows format (your
file is named RAWTRANS.DAT) or one of two DOS-style formats, V4.992 and above, or
below V4.992 (Your file is named RAWTRANS).

If you currently have a DOS PC/Comm or PC/Fuel version, you may want to select one of the
DOS formats to match the RAWTRANS file currently in use. This will ensure that the file will
be in the correct format for any other application you may be using. The DOS PC/Comm or
PC/Fuel version that you are currently running is listed on the Gasboy banner screen as you
enter the package. Standard windows format is viewable using the Reports menu,
RAWTRANS Layout option. RAWTRANS data from PC software versions above 4.992
contains account field data followed by additional data. RAWTRANS data from PC software
versions below 4.992 contains the account field data as the last field.

Transactions to Include allows you to specify what you want to include in the RAWTRANS
file. All Transactions will include all raw (unprocessed) transactions currently in the PC
database. Latest Polling Session will include those from the latest polling session only.

Tank Table

Tank tables are used to provide gallon equivalents for the inch measurements that are obtained
from a stick reading. Because each tank size and shape are different, there is no set formula for
determining this, so you must rely on tank dimensional data provided by the manufacturer to
build a tank table. A tank table consists of data pairs, which enable the system to determine the
product volume within the tank. These data pairs represent the level of the product (in inches)
and the quantity (gallons) present at that level. For example, a reading of 19 inches might
equate to 1424 gallons. In this case, that data pair would be 19 and 1424. When entering data
into the table, for level 19 you would enter a quantity of 1424. The manufacturer or supplier of
your tank can supply you with tank data, which you can enter manually or import from a data
file. A tank table calculation program is available from the Steel Tank Institute web site (http:/
/www.steeltank.com). This program generates an ASCII file which you can import into the PC
software using Admin, Fuel Tank Tables, Import Tank Tables.