Mounting the controller, Converting the solenoids – Irritrol IBOC-Plus User Manual

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1. Position the mounting template (provided) on the wall at

approximately eye level. Using a small punch or nail, mark the

locations of the top and bottom centerline mounting holes and

the additional lower holes if extra cabinet support is desired.

2. Drill pilot holes at least 1-1/4" (32mm) deep using a 3/32"

(2.5mm) drill for wall stud application, or 1/4" (6.5mm) drill for


3. For the masonry wall installation only, insert the plastic screw

anchors (provided) into the pilot holes.

4. Place a small plastic washer and a rubber washer (provided) on each

screw. Install the #10 screws into the top and bottom locations

leaving the screw head about 1/2" (13mm) from the wall.
Note: If installing additional lower mounting screws, remove

plastic hole plugs at this time.

5. Unlock and open the cabinet cover. Remove the cover by sliding

it toward the top of the cabinet.

6. Remove the phillips screw from the right edge of the control panel

enabling the panel to swing outward.

7. To remove the control panel from the cabinet, first disconnect the

ribbon cable from the terminal board. With the panel in the fully

opened position, slide it toward the top of the cabinet.

8. Hang the cabinet on the screws using the keyhole slots. Ensure the

screws engage the slotted portion of the keyhole with the plastic

washer positioned between the screw head and the inner cabinet

wall. Tighten the screws securely. Install additional screws in the

lower left and/or right mounting holes as required.

9. Reinstall the control panel and cover.


The IBOC Plus controller activates valves by means of an electric

pulse, which latches and releases the solenoid position rather than

providing continuous power to the solenoids. This requires a DC

latching solenoid for each irrigation control valve.
The DC latching solenoid is designed as a direct replacement for the

standard 24 V a.c. solenoid (which will not work with the IBOC Plus

controller). No additional adapting is required for solenoid installation.

Installation Procedures