Controller features – Irritrol IBOC-Plus User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing the Irritrol Systems IBOC Plus battery

operated controller. Listed below are some of the standard IBOC Plus


• Operates on one 6-volt alkaline lantern battery. Can be optionally

powered by solar panel converter (SPC-2).

• Easy-to-read, self-prompting display information.
• English/Spanish display option.
• Operates standard 24 V d.c. latching solenoid valves (E2002).
• Three independent watering programs.
• Concurrent operation of up to three watering stations (one station

per program) and a master valve.

• Station watering time adjustable from one minute to 23 hours and

59 minutes in 1-minute increments.

• Up to 8 start times per program for a total of 24 starts per day.
• Program cycle looping enables repeat program operation within a

selectable watering window.

• Watering day scheduling by Weekday, one to 62-day Skip routine,

or Odd/Even days.

• Master valve operation selectable by program.
• Manual operations by program or station.
• Station Test mode.
• Program Review mode.
• Rain Delay mode – postpones automatic operation from one to 30


• Battery or solar power (if using SPC-2) capacity displayed in %


• Rain Sensor ready – sensor input selectable by program.
• Water Budgeting 10–200% in 10% increments.
• Non-volatile memory – retains program information without power.
• Electronic circuit breaker automatically detects short and open

circuit conditions on station output – allows remaining stations to

operate as programmed.