Appendix a troubleshooting – Irritrol IBOC-Plus User Manual

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Possible Solution


1. Check for active Rain Delay mode.

will not run

2. Rain sensor operation enabled without sensor


installed. Refer to Rain Sensor Operation on

page 7.

No display

1. Dead battery or disconnected power source.

Correct as necessary.

2. Ensure control panel module is connected to

the terminal board.


1. Check station run time and water budgeting

remains on


2. Turn function dial to Off/Rain Delay

position and press –/OFF button.

3. Solenoid may be stuck or malfunctioning

control unit. Replace as necessary.

4. Check for leakage at valve manual bleed

and/or solenoid. Repair as necessary.

Valve will

1. Check for proper valve wiring. Black to

not turn on

common, Red to power. Refer to page 16.

2. Possible valve or solenoid malfunction.

Repair as necessary. Check for “Open” or

“Short” condition on display.

3. Solenoid may be assembled incorrectly.

Check solenoid wires for correct orientation.

Refer to Figure 3 on page 18.

4. Check for low battery condition. If less than

40%, replace battery.

“Short” or

1. See “How the Electronic Circuit Breaker


Works” on page 5 for troubleshooting

is displayed

these conditions.

Waters too

1. Too many program start times set. Check


each program to determine the number of

start times assigned and remove as necessary.

Refer to “Setting Program Start Time(s)” on

page 13.

2. Possible program loop set. Refer to page 13.

Note: For Irritrol Systems product assistance, phone 1-800-634-8873.

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