Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Properties Dialog Box in Windows

In this manual, you will often see the expression “XXX Properties dialog box.” A
dialog box is a window containing text boxes, check boxes, buttons, etc., with which
you can send commands to Windows or other application programs. To open the
properties dialog boxes, click start - Control Panel. The Control Panel has two types
of views: Category view and Classic view. The Category view allows you to choose
the category that may be related to what you want to do, then, choose the task by
clicking it. The Classic view gives you the icons representing their components or
features. Double-click one of the icons to open their dialog box or windows. Some of
the dialog boxes you will use often are:
• Display

• Phone and Modem Options

• Mouse

• Power Options

• System

Clicking Switch to XXX View string appearing at the upper left of the
Control Panel window allows you to toggle between the two views.