Using keyboard – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Using Keyboard

Your computer, equipped with the Windows Enhanced Keyboard, provides all the
functionality of a full-sized desktop keyboard.

Special Keys

Windows Key

Opens the Windows start menu. This key functions the
same as the start button on the screen.

Application Key

Opens short-cut menus for the specific items. This key
functions the same as the right mouse button.

System Function Keys

Your keyboard contains the function keys labeled F1 through F12 for special actions.
Use them in conjunction with Fn key.

Fn + F1

Turns the wireless LAN antenna on and off

Fn + F3

Decreases the audio volume

Fn + F4

Increases the audio volume

Fn + F5

Rotates display mode between LCD only, an external monitor
only, and both (when connecting an external monitor).

Fn + F6

Decreases the LCD screen brightness.

Fn + F7

Increases the LCD screen brightness.

Fn + F11

Turns the LCD screen on and off.

Fn + F12

Forces your computer into System standby, hibernate, or
powered off. See Power Management of Chapter 3 for more