Advanced menu, Security menu – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Advanced Menu

Internal Pointing Device enables or disables the built-in glide pad.

Resolution Expansion defines whether the Setup Utility screen is expanded when the
resolution is 640x480 or 800x600. Enabled means that the screen is expanded.

Plug&Play O/S enables or disables plug & play function.

PCI Configuration normally has to be as default

Security Menu

Set Supervisor Password defines the supervisor password (up to eight characters).
See the next section about the supervisor password.

Set User Password defines the user password (up to eight characters). See the next
section about the user password. This password is used on the connection cradle.

If you lose your password, you will be unable to access your computer or
change the configuration. Make sure to select a password you will never
forget, or write it down and protect it in a secure place. Otherwise, you
will have to contact your dealer for assistance.

Password on boot defines whether you have to type the password for booting your

Hard Disk boot Sector defines whether the boot sector of the hard disk is write-
protected. When formatting the hard disk or reinstalling software, set to Normal.

Supervisor and User Password

Setting a password will protect your computer against unauthorized access. Once a
password is set, the system requires the password when entering to the Setup Utility.
And if Password on boot is enabled, the system will require a password when your
computer is turned on.

If you enter a wrong password three times, the message System Disabled
appears. Press the power button to shut down your computer, and after
10 seconds, press the power button to turn it on again.