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USB Device

Your computer has an interface called Universal Serial Bus (USB) and its two USB
ports support USB1.1 and USB2.0. With a USB connection, you can
connect/disconnect peripherals without turning off your computer. Generally, when
you connect a device to your computer, the necessary driver will be installed
automatically. See also the manuals of peripheral devices supporting USB.

When a new device is correctly connected to your computer, the
appropriate driver is automatically installed. If the driver is not installed
correctly, you will see the message on the screen. In this case, install the
driver with the instructions on the screen.

To remove USB devices, you may need to perform the following instructions before
you remove them:

1. Click

Safely Remove Hardware icon (

) on the taskbar. If you cannot find the

icon, click to show all kinds of icons. If the icon does not appear, go to Step3.

2. Click

Safely remove xxxx (xxxxx is the name of your USB device); then, Safe To

Remove Hardware dialog appears.


Remove the device from your computer.

USB Port

USB Port