Yamaha BLASTER YFS200N User Manual

Page 107

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h. Check the oil level.


Spark plug inspection

The spark plug is an important engine compo-

nent and is easy to inspect. The condition of the

spark plug can indicate the condition of the


For example, a very white center electrode

porcelain color could indicate an intake air leak

or carburetion problem for that cylinder. Do not

attempt to diagnose such problems yourself.

Instead, take the machine to a Yamaha dealer.

You should periodically remove and inspect the

spark plug because heat and deposits will cause

the spark plug to slowly break down and erode.

If electrode erosion becomes excessive, you

should replace the spark plug with one of the

proper type.

Before installing the spark plug, measure the

electrode gap with a feeler gauge and adjust to


Standard spark plug:


Spark plug gap:

0.7 ~ 0.8 mm (0.028 ~ 0.031 in)