Yamaha BLASTER YFS200N User Manual

Page 139

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Long term storage (60 days or more) of your

machine will require some preventive proce-

dures to guard against deterioration. After thor-

oughly cleaning the machine, prepare for stor-

age as follows:

1. Fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel and add the

specified amount of Yamaha Fuel

Stabilizer and Conditioner or an equivalent



Use of fuel stabilizer and conditioner eliminates

the need to drain the fuel system. Consult a

Yamaha dealer if the fuel system needs to be

drained instead.

2. Remove the spark plug, pour about one

tablespoon of SAE 10W30 or 20W40

motor oil in the spark plug hole and rein-

stall the spark plug. Ground the spark plug

wire and turn the engine over several times

to coat the cylinder wall with oil.

3. Clean the drive chain thoroughly and lubri-

cate it. (See page 8-26.)

4. Lubricate all control cables.

5. Block up the frame to raise all wheels off

the ground.

6. Tie a plastic bag over the exhaust pipe out-

let to prevent moisture from entering.

7. If storing in a humid or salt-air atmosphere,

coat all exposed metal surfaces with a light

film of oil. Do not apply oil to any rubber

parts or the seat cover.


Make any necessary repairs before storing the


Specified amount:

1 oz of stabilizer to each gallon of fuel

(or 7.5 cc of stabilizer to each liter of fuel)