Yamaha BLASTER YFS200N User Manual

Page 83

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This procedure should be practiced at slow

speed many times in a large off-road area with

no obstacles. If an incorrect technique is used,

your ATV may continue to go straight. If the ATV

doesn’t turn, come to a stop and then practice

the procedure again. If the riding surface is slip-

pery or loose, it may help to position more of

your weight over the front wheels by moving for-

ward on the seat.

Once you have learned this technique you

should be able to perform it at higher speeds or

in tighter curves.

Improper riding procedures such as abrupt throt-

tle changes, excessive braking, incorrect body

movements, or too much speed for the sharp-

ness of the turn may cause the ATV to tip. If the

ATV begins to tip over to the outside while nego-

tiating a turn, lean more to the inside. It may

also be necessary to gradually let off on the

throttle and steer to the outside of the turn to

avoid tipping over.

Remember: Avoid higher speeds until you are

thoroughly familiar with the operation of your


Lean towards

Support your

inside of turn.

weight on the
outer footrest.