Maytag MDE9651 User Manual

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Delayed Start

Select or deselect this option by pressing

the Delayed Start button. The machine will

start the programme 5 hours after you se-

lect this option + the Start/Stop button.

A lighted red field by the button indicates

that the option has been activated. If you

change your mind, press the Start/Stop but-

ton for three seconds. You can now start the

machine as usual

Press the Start button

Drying time remaining

An estimate of the remaining drying time

will be shown in the display within 2 min-

utes of the drying programme starting. For

example, 1:35 means that approximately 1

hour and 35 minutes remain until the load

achieves the selected level of dryness. If

the Anti-crease option has been selected,

the drum will rotate every minute for 2 hours

after cooling.

If you want to stop or change a


Press and hold the Start/Stop button for 3

seconds. The red field next to the button

goes out.


The programme is not affected if the pro-

gramme selector is changed after the pro-

gramme starts.

To load or remove washing

If you want to load or remove washing

once you have started the machine, open

the door and the machine will stop auto-

matically. Load more washing, close the

door and press the Start/Stop button.


Drying programme finished

The text

in the display indicates

that the programme has finished.

If the Anti-crease option has been

selected, the drum will rotate every minute

for 2 hours after cooling.


• Clean the fluff filter after each load.

• Drain the condensed water container after

each load.


If the fluff filter becomes clogged, the ma-

chine’s automatic overheating cut-out may

be triggered. To enable the machine to be

restarted, the filter must be cleaned and

the machine allowed to cool for around 30


Cleaning the fluff filter

1. Grasp the filter handle and pull it towards


2. Pull the filter out of its holder.

3. Open the filter and remove the fluff by


4. Fold the filter up and re-insert it into its

holder. The filter may need to be cleaned

if limescale deposits occur, see “Care and

cleaning” chapter.