Troubleshooting – Maytag MDE9651 User Manual

Page 15

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The machine will not start


• that the outer door is properly closed

• that the main power switch is pressed

• that you have set the programme correctly

• that the Delayed Start option has not been

selected. If so, the time remaining until start

will be shown in full hours in the display

(e.g. 5, 4, 3h). To cancel the programme,

see page 10

• that any plug is connected

• that your home’s fuses (circuit breakers)

are intact, swap two circuit breakers. You

cannot always tell from outside if a circuit

breaker is broken

• that the overheating cut-out has not been

triggered (see below).

Overheating cut-out

The overheating cut-out shuts off the tum-

ble dryer if the temperature is too high, e.g.

because dust is clogging the fluff filter.

• Clean the filter.

• Check also that the condensed water

container is not full and, if necessary, clean

the condenser. See “Care and cleaning” on

page 14.

• The overheating cut-out will reset auto-

matically once the machine has cooled.

Drying takes too long

• Empty the condensed water container

and check that neither the fluff filter nor

the condenser is clogged. See “Care and

cleaning” on page 14.

• Prolonged drying times may also be due

to the condenser dryer being placed in a

room that is too small and the air in the

room (cooling air) being too hot.

• Make sure that the tumble dryer has ac-

cess to more cold air, e.g. by opening doors

and/or windows.

Error messages

• If F1 flashes in the display, the condensed

water container is full.

Empty the container and restart.

• If F2 flashes in the display, the maxi-

mum permitted programme time has been

reached. For remedial action, read “Drying

takes too long” in the “Troubleshooting” sec-