Adjusting the feet, Condensed water – Maytag MDE9651 User Manual

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Break off tag A on the cup fitted on the right

side and tag B on the cup fitted on the left

side. Then remove the paper from the self-

adhesive surface under the plastic cups.

4. Fit the plastic cups so that the “tags”

marked with arrows are against the front

edge of the cover and side edge and press

firmly onto the cover. Then break off the

remaining tags.

5. Push the tumble dryer in under the metal

angles, keeping the front edge raised 1 - 2 cm.

6. Lower the tumble dryer’s front feet into

the plastic cups and adjust so that the dryer

is balanced.

Adjusting the feet

Screw the feet in or out so that the tumble

dryer is steady and balanced on the floor or

on the washing machine. Then tighten the

locking nuts.

Condensed water

The machine is supplied as shown in

Option 1 (inset). This means that the

condensed water is pumped into the con-

densed water container. This must then be

removed and emptied by hand.

Option 2 allows you to remove the small

short hose from the blue nipple. Then at-

tach the enclosed rubber hose to the blue

nipple. The water can then be pumped out

into a laundry sink or a floor drain (2a).

Locking nut





1,000 mm