Tumble-drying – Maytag MDE9651 User Manual

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Iron Dry

This programme shuts off the heat once

the load is just damp enough for ironing or


Timed dry 60 min

The Timed dry programme has a fixed dry-

ing time and tumble-dries the load for 60


Air fluff 60 min

Use the Air fluff programme when you just

want to refresh, air or soften up items.

Select options

By selecting options, you can tailor

drying programmes to suit your own

laundry requirements.

The machine remembers which settings

and options you choose for each pro-

gramme and uses these

(with one exception

- Delayed start) the next

time you select the pro-

gramme in question. You

can, of course, change

them again if you wish.

Low temperature

Select or deselect Low Temperature by

pressing the Temperature button.

Once Low Temperature has been selected,

the red field next to the button lights up.


This option means that the drum will rotate

three seconds per minute for two hours

once the drying programme has finished.

This option prevents the items remaining in

the same position and becoming creased.

A useful feature if you are not able to re-

move the load as soon as tumble-drying

has finished.

A lighted red field by the button indicates

that the Anti-crease option has been acti-


Below are step-by-step instructions to

help you achieve the best possible tumble-

drying results.

Sort your fabrics

You will achieve the most uniform dry-

ing results if the items are the same


Do up zips and buttons, fasten belts, sort

the items and adjust load and temperature.

Turn on the main power


Open the door, load the items

and then close the door

Select programme

The choice of programme depends

on what you intend to do with the

items after tumbling. The programme

options are Extra Dry, Dry, Normal Dry, Iron

Dry, Timed programme and Airing.

Extra Dry

This programme is for items that are par-

ticularly difficult to dry, e.g. jeans with very

thick seams.


Knit fabrics in particular are prone to shrink-

age. Use the Dry, Normal Dry or Iron Dry

programmes for such items. Stretch clothes

back into shape immediately after drying.

Dry, Normal Dry

These programmes shut off the heat once

the load is dry without being “bone-dry”.

The Dry programme shuts off the heat

slightly later than Normal Dry. Use trial and

error to find out what works best. Use these

programmes when you want items to be

completely dry.