Safety instructions – Maytag MDE9651 User Manual

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Safety instructions


• Read and keep the Use & Care Guide!

• Electrical installation, if required, should

be carried out by qualified professionals.

• The machine should only be used for

tumble-drying as described in these


• Repairs and maintenance relating to

safety or performance must be carried out

by a qualified professional.

• Damaged mains cables must only be

replaced by a qualified professional.

• Sufficient ventilation is required to pre-

vent smoke from open fires or fumes

from equipment burning other fuels being

sucked into the room.


See the “Installation” chapter.


The machine must not be used for drying

items that have been dry-cleaned at home

or fabrics that may contain residues of flam-

mable liquids.

The tumble dryer is protected by an over-

heating cut-out. This shuts off the machine

if the temperature gets too high.

A float shuts off the machine in the event

of a blockage in the condensed water hose

or if there is a risk of the condensed water

container overflowing.

Stopping a programme

You can stop a drying programme by:

• opening the door; the drum stops auto-


• or by pressing the main power switch.

• When you want to resume tumble-drying,

simply close the door and press the Start/

Stop button.

• You can also stop a programme by press-

ing the Start/Stop button for three sec-


Transport/Winter storage

If you need to move your machine or store it

over the winter in unheated premises, then

make sure you drain the condensed water

container beforehand.

Packing material

Sort waste in accordance with local guide-



When the machine has reached the end of

its service life and is to be disposed of, it

should immediately be made unusable.

Contact your local authority for information

about where your old machine should be

disposed of and recycled in the proper way.

The machine is manufactured and labelled

to facilitate recycling.


During operation, the back of the tumble

dryer will get very hot. Leave the machine to

cool completely before touching the back.