Care and cleaning – Maytag MDE9651 User Manual

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Cleaning the fluff filter

The fluff filter must be cleaned after each


If you have very hard water, this can cause

limescale deposits in the fluff filter. Check

for any limescale deposits when cleaning

the fluff filter and, if necessary, wash down

the filter by hand.

1. Grasp the filter handle and pull it towards


2. Pull the filter out of its holder.

3. Open the filter and remove the fluff from

all sides by hand. Use a soft dry cloth to

remove any coating.

4. Replace the filter in its holder.


If you have hard water, the filter should be

washed down with water to get rid of any

limescale deposits.

Dry the filter carefully with a towel.

Care and cleaning

Draining the condensed water


The condensed water container must be

drained after each load.

Remove the con-

densed water con-

tainer, empty out the

water and replace

the container.

If the condensed

water container

becomes full to

overflowing, the programme is interrupted

and the error message F1 is shown in the

display. Empty the container and press the

Start/Stop button to restart the programme.

See also Error Messages on page 16 in the

“Troubleshooting” chapter.


Do not remove the condensed water con-

tainer while the machine is switched on.

Cleaning the outside of the


Clean the outside of the machine and the

programme panel with a mild cleaner. Do

not use any solvents, as these can damage

the machine. Do not hose down or spray

the machine with water.


Do not allow dust to accumulate around the

machine. Keep the area around the tumble

dryer clean and cool; dust, heat and mois-

ture prolong drying times.