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Connecting a USB memory device.

Insert a USB memory device into the USB port firmly.

• After the USB memory device is inserted and the power of the

unit is turned on, check that the “USB” indicator on the display of
the unit lights.

• For files that can be played on the unit, see page 46.
• If the “USB” indicator does not light, turn the power off, reinsert the

USB memory device, and turn the unit on again.


• Insert a USB memory device straight into the USB port. If the USB

memory device is forcibly inserted, the unit or the device may be

• Some USB memory devices may protrude from the USB port. Do

not use excessive force to insert it into the USB port, or push the
protruded part forcibly.

• Do no insert an object other than a USB memory device into the USB

port. It may damage the unit.

• Do not leave a USB memory device near small children. A child may

swallow it.

• For connecting a USB memory device, do not use an extension


• The USB port of the unit and a computer cannot be connected with

a USB cable.

• Do not use for charging portable audio players or mobile phones.

Connecting to a USB memory device

MP3 or JPEG, etc. files stored on a USB memory device can be played.

Connecting to a network

When the unit is connected to the Internet, you can enjoy following
• Playback of a Blu-ray disc supporting BD-LIVE™ (vpage 15).
• Playback of music, photos, video files stored on a device on the

network (vpage 29).

• Playback of YouTube contents (vpage 31).
• Playback of Netflix contents (vpage 31).
• Downloading for updating the latest firmware via the network

(vpage 34).

After connection, make settings for the Internet connection and check
it before using Media Server, YouTube, or Netflix.

Cables used for connections

Audio and video cables

HDMI cable

Audio and
Video cable








Video cable

video cable




Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cable


• Do not plug in the power cord until all connections have been


• When making connections, also refer to the operating instructions of

the other components being connected.

• Be sure to connect the left and right channels properly (left with left,

right with right).

• Do not bundle power cords together with connection cables. Doing

so can result in noise.


Removing a USB memory device



to turn the power off

then remove the USB memory device

from the USB port.


• Be sure to turn the power off when inserting or removing a USB

memory device. Data stored in the USB memory device or the
memory of the unit may be damaged.

• In any case where data stored in a USB memory device are damaged

or deleted, we will not compensate for the stored contents or any
associated damage or try to restore the contents stored in a USB
memory device.

• Compatibility of all USB memory devices is not guaranteed.
• For reformatting a USB memory device, format it with FAT16 or


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