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MAC Address
A unique identifi cation number for network devices such as LAN
MP3 (MPEG AudioPlayer 3)
This is an internationally standardized audio data compression scheme,
using the “MPEG-1” video compression standard. It compresses the
data volume to about one eleventh its original size while maintaining
sound quality equivalent to a music CD.
This is an abbreviation of Moving Picture Experts Group, which is
an international standard of the moving picture audio compression
method. Images on BD and DVD are recorded using this method.


This is a video streaming distribution service offered by Netflix Inc. in
the United States.


This BD-Video function allows you to view scenes, such as the making
of or commentary on the movie, in the secondary video while viewing
the main story in the primary video.
Pop up menu
This type of menu is recorded with BD software. While playing back
a BD, this menu can be displayed on the front of the screen and can
be operated.
Primary audio
This audio signal is recorded in the main story in BD-Video.
Primary subtitle
This subtitle

is recorded in the main story in BD-Video.

Primary video
This video signal is recorded in the main story in BD-Video.
Progressive (sequential scanning)
This is a system for scanning the video signal that displays 1 frame of
video as one image. Compared to the interlace system, this system
provides images with less flickering and bleeding.
This is a hookup to secure high-speed access and safe transmission
for connecting to the Internet from the internal network.


Depending on the age of the viewer, this function restricts the playing
of BD-Video or DVD-Video. The unit can be set to restrict viewing in 0
to 254 levels for BD-Video, and 1 to 8 levels for DVD-Video.
Region code
This code indicates the country or region where the BD or DVD-Video
can be played back.


Sampling frequency
Sampling involves taking a reading of a sound wave (analog signal)
at regular intervals and expressing the height of the wave at each
reading in digitized format (producing a digital signal).
The number of readings taken in one second is called the “sampling
frequency”. The larger the value, the closer the reproduced sound is
to the original.
Secondary audio
This is audio content, such as the director’s comments, and other data
recorded in the bonus view of BD-Video.
Secondary subtitle
This subtitle,

such as the director’s comments and other data recorded

in the bonus view of BD


Subnet Mask
A 32-bit value that defi nes which bits in an IP address are reserved for
a network address for identifying the network.


This is the unit of content that consists of chapters of BD or DVD
-Video. Some BD or DVD-Video may include multiple titles.


This is the video-content sharing site managed by YouTube Inc.


WMA (Windows Media Audio)
This is audio compression technology developed by Microsoft
WMA data can be encoded using Windows Media® Player Ver.7, 7.1,
Windows Media® Player for Windows® XP and Windows Media®
Player 9 Series.
To encode WMA files, only use applications authorized by Microsoft
Corporation. If you use an unauthorized application, the file may not
work properly.


This function lets HDTVs display colors more accurately. It enables
display with natural, vivid colors. “x.v.Color” is a Sony registered

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