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4:3 letterbox
When a wide (16:9) disc is played on the unit while connected to a
4:3 TV, this function displays the image with a black area at the top
and bottom.
4:3 pan-and-scan
When a wide (16 : 9) disc is played on the unit while connected to a
4:3 TV, this function cuts the left and right of the displayed image to
the 4 : 3 size according to the disc’s control information.


AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
This is an internationally standardized audio data compression
scheme. It has a compression ratio 1.4 times higher than the “MP3
audio compression scheme adopted for “MPEG-1.
Aspect ratio
This is the length and width ratio of the TV screen. The conventional
TV screen’s ratio is 4:3 and a wide screen TV’s screen ratio is
Audio commentary
This is an audio program included as a bonus feature in a DVD-
Video or BD-Video. It uses a multi-audio function to provide an audio
explanation or commentary by members of the crew or director, etc.
to accompany the video.


BD-J (Java)
BD-Video offer fun software with more interactive functions (games)
that use Java applications.
The unit can be connected to the Internet to enjoy a number of
features, including additional contents such as special video or
subtitles, network games, etc.
Bit rate
This is the amount of video or audio data recorded on a disc that is
read in one second.
Blu-ray disc
This is a one-sided, one-layer disc with 25 GB capacity for recording
high vision video movie and games.
Bonus View
Special images for BD-Video. It includes comments from the movie
director, simultaneously developing sub-stories, and images from
different angles.


This is a break intended by the producer, who organizes the titles
of BD or DVD-Video. The chapter search function searches for the
beginning of this break.


Deep Color
This technology allows expression of more colors than the
conventional 8-bit and can reproduce more natural colors without any
color streaking.
Default Gateway
This device is the entry and exit point between an internal network
and an external network (Internet, etc.).
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
This function assigns IP addresses automatically to network devices.
This is a video codec (video compression/decompression software)
developed by DivX, Inc.
The compression technology is based on “MPEG-4 Part 2” (known as
“MPEG-4 ASP”). It allows along video to be compressed into a small
file whilemaintaining a high-quality image.
It is available inthe free “DivX” version or the paid “DivX PRO”version.
An abbreviation of Digital Living Network Alliance.
An industry group that was established to decide specifications for the
mutual connection of audio visual devices and computers in a home
network and the mutual utilization of music, photo and video data.
This unit is based on DLNA Home Networked Device Interoperability
Guidelines v1.0.
DNS (Domain Name System)
A system that matches host names on the Internet to IP


Dolby Digital (5.1-ch Surround)
This is a stereophonic effect developed by Dolby Laboratories. This is
a maximum of 5.1 channels, independent multi-channel audio system.
Dolby Digital Plus
This is an extended version of Dolby Digital and is a high sound quality,
digital audio technology adopted as an optional audio for Blu-ray discs.
Dolby TrueHD
This lossless coding technology is adopted as an optional audio for
Blu-ray disc and supports 7.1 channels.
This function converts the number of channels of surround audio to
less channels for playback.
This is an abbreviation of Digital Theater System, which is a digital
audio system developed by DTS. When playing audio on this system
while connected to a device such as a DTS amplifier, accurate sound
field position and realistic sound effects can be obtained, making you
feel like you are in a movie theater.
This audio technology provides an enhanced functionality and a higher
quality of sound than conventional DTS and is adopted as an optional
audio for Blu-ray disc. This technology supports multi-channel, high
data transfer speed, high sampling-frequency, and lossless audio
playback. A maximum of 7.1 channels are supported on Blu-ray discs.

Dynamic range
The difference between the maximum, undistorted sound level and
the minimum sound level that is discernible above the noise emitted
by the device.


This process enables BD/DVD/CD discs recorded with a recorder to be
played by other players.


When transmitting digital signals between devices, this copyright
protection technology encrypts the signals to prevent content from
being copied without authorization.
This is an abbreviation of High-Definition Multimedia Interface, which
is an AV digital interface that can be connected to a TV or amplifier.
Video signal and audio signal can be connected with 1 cable.


Interlacing (interlaced scanning)
This conventional method used to project images on a TV displays 1
frame of image in half and half, respectively as 2 fields.
Interactive audio
This is audio recorded in the titles of BD-Video, such as clicking sounds
made during operations.
IP Address
An identifi cation number that is assigned to each network device.


JPEG (Joint Photo graphic Experts Group)
This is a still picture data compression standard. Its ability to reduce
the size of a file with relatively little deterioration in image quality
means that it is widely used for storing images in video cameras, etc.


LAN (Local Area Network)
A wired or wireless network that connects devices together.
This is an abbreviation of Low Frequency Effect, which is an output
channel that emphasizes low-frequency effect sounds. Surround
audio is intensified by outputting 20 Hz to 120 Hz deep bass.
Linear PCM
This is an uncompressed PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) signal. This is
the same system as the CD audio but uses 192 kHz, 96 kHz, and 48
kHz sampling frequencies on BD or DVD and provides higher sound
quality than CD.

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