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Page 15: Lumbar seat adjustment (la165, la175), Adjusting cutting height, Transporting or getting on and off machine, Checking mower deck level

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Operating - 14



Daily Operating Checklist

Test safety systems.

Check tire pressure.

Check fuel level.

Check engine oil level.

Remove grass and debris from engine compartment and muffler

area, and on top of mower deck, before and after operating machine.

Clean air intake screen.

Check area below machine for leaks.

Adjusting Seat

1. Sit in seat.


2. Lift up on seat adjustment lever (A) on right side of seat.

3. Lean forward and slide seat forward or rearward to desired position. Do
not lean back on top of seat to push rearward.

4. Release seat adjustment lever to lock in position.

Lumbar Seat Adjustment (LA165, LA175)

• Turn lumbar seat adjustment dials (B) on either side of seat to adjust
firmness of seat.

Adjusting Cutting Height

Cutting height can be adjusted from approximately 25 - 100 mm (1 - 4 in.)
in 6.4 mm (1/4 in.) increments. When mower deck is in transport position,
cutting height is approximately 100 mm (4 in.).

Detents allow the adjustment lever to be positioned at each indicated
mower setting, as well as the mid-point between each setting.

1. Put attachment lift lever into the slot adjacent to desired cutting height.

2. Adjust mower deck wheels.

Transporting or Getting On and Off Machine

• Pull attachment lift lever all the way back to transport position or 100 mm
(4 in.) cutting height.

Checking Mower Deck Level

NOTE: Mower deck wheels should not contact the ground when
leveling the mower deck.

1. Park machine safely. (See Parking Safely in the SAFETY section.)

2. Inflate tires to the correct pressure.

3. Move mower lift handle to preferred cutting height.

4. Measure mower deck level (side-to-side).


Picture Note: A convenient leveling gauge (A) (AM130907) is
available from your dealer.

a.Position mower blades as follows and measure from each outside
blade tip (B) to the level surface.

Mower Setting

Approximate Cutting Height


25 mm (1 in.)

38 mm (1 1/2 in.)


50 mm (2 in.)

65 mm (2 1/2 in.)


75 mm (3 in.)

90 mm (3 1/2 in.)



4 (Transport)

100 mm (4 in.)


CAUTION: Avoid injury! Rotating blades are dangerous.

Before adjusting or servicing mower:

• Disconnect spark plug wire(s) or battery negative (-) cable to
prevent engine from starting accidently.

• Always wear gloves when handling mower blades or working
near blades.

Mower Setting

Approximate Cutting Height





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