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3. Push and hold in the reverse implement switch (A) while depressing
reverse foot pedal slightly for automatic transmission or moving the gear
shift lever to the R (reverse) position for gear transmission.

NOTE: If the engine and mower stop while repositioning the
machine, return the attachment engagement lever/switch to the off
position. Start engine and engage mower. Begin again with Step 2.

4. Release the reverse implement switch and reposition the machine as
the machine begins to move rearward.

5. Resume forward travel. The mower should continue operating.

6. Repeat procedure to position the machine again.

Using Cruise Control (LA125, LA135, LA145, LA155,
LA165, LA175)

Use cruise control when you want to maintain travel speed without having
to hold the forward travel pedal down. Cruise control operates only for
forward travel.

Engage Cruise Control

1. Push forward pedal down until you reach desired travel speed.

2. Pull cruise control lever up and release forward pedal to lock the cruise

Disengage Cruise Control

• Depress brake pedal, tap on forward pedal or push cruise control lever
down to the off position.

Engaging and Disengaging Mower

NOTE: Put attachment lift lever in transport position to transport
machine or when parking machine.

1. Start engine and run at half speed for a couple of minutes to warm up.

2. Lower mower deck to desired cutting height position.

NOTE: Throttle lever should be at full throttle position before
engaging mower to avoid stalling engine.

3. Push throttle lever up to the full throttle position.

4. Engage mower.

• On models with electric attachment engagement switch: Pull switch

• On models with mechanical attachment engagement lever: Push lever

NOTE: The mower and engine will stop as the reverse foot pedal is
pressed for Automatic Transmission or when the gear shift lever is
moved to the R (reverse) position for Gear Transmission with mower

5. Disengage mower blades before moving in reverse or stopping engine.

• Machines with mechanical attachment engagement lever: Pull lever

• Machines with electric attachment engagement switch: Push switch

Using Mulch Cover (107 cm (42 in.) and 122 cm (48 in.)
Mower Decks (If Equipped)

NOTE: Optional mulch cover must be purchased from dealer.

NOTE: Remove mulch cover for side discharge operation.


Picture Note: 122 cm (48 in.) used for illustration.

1. Raise discharge chute (A) and metal deflector (B).


2. Install mulch cover (C) onto mower deck (D). Mulch cover lip (E) must
be seated in mower deck groove.


CAUTION: Avoid injury! Do not use cruise control when

going down hills. Machine speed will increase. Operate machine in
a large, open area to learn how the cruise control works.



CAUTION: Avoid injury! Rotating blades are dangerous.

Before adjusting or servicing mower:

• Disconnect spark plug wire(s) or battery negative (-) cable to
prevent engine from starting accidently.

• Always wear gloves when handling mower blades or working
near blades.







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