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3. On Automatic Models: Pull out on bypass valve lever. (A).

4. Push machine to desired location.

5. On Automatic Models: Push bypass valve lever back in.

Transporting Machine on Trailer

NOTE: Trailer capacity must exceed combined machine weight and
attachment weight. (See Specifications section in operator’s

Be sure trailer has all the necessary lights and signs required by law.

1. Park trailer on level surface.

2. Raise mower deck, if installed, before driving machine onto trailer.

3. Drive machine onto heavy-duty trailer. Position machine on trailer so
hood or engine cover will not raise in wind while being transported.

4. Lower mower deck completely.

5. Lock park brake.

6. Turn off machine and remove key.

7. Fasten machine at the axle or frame to trailer with heavy-duty straps,
chains, or cables. Both front and rear straps must be directed down and
outward from machine.

8. Secure hood to prevent from lifting while driving.

Using Weights

NOTE: See your authorized dealer for recommended weights.

• Install front weights for added stability and steering control when you use
equipment such as the rear-mounted grass bagger.

• Install rear weights when using the snow blade or snowblower.

• Remove weights when not required.

Using Tire Chains

Tire chains are recommended for use with most front attachments.
Remove tire chains before installing mower deck.

See your attachment Operator’s Manual for tire chain recommendation.
See your authorized dealer for the chains.

Using Accessories


IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! The transmission might be damaged
if the bypass valve lever is not pushed back to operating position
before attempting to start the engine. Do not start or operate the
machine with the bypass valve lever in the push position.


CAUTION: Avoid injury! Use extra care when loading or

unloading the machine onto a trailer or truck.

• Park trailer on a level surface.

• Use of a trailer with sides is recommended.

• Keep wheels away from drop-offs and edges.

• Back slowly and in a straight line.

• Close fuel shut-off valve, if your machine is equipped.

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Transporting a machine on a trailer
or on a truck bed at high speeds can result in hood or engine
cover raising and possibly coming off machine if not secured.

• Position machine on trailer so hood or engine cover opens from
rear of trailer to prevent wind from blowing hood or cover open.

• Secure hood or engine cover with existing machine locks or

• Secure hood or engine cover with tie down straps if no locks or
latches exist.



CAUTION: Avoid injury! The machine may become unstable

when operating on slopes and/or with some attachments.

Use weights to improve stability when operating on slopes or
using attachments.

Remove weights when not required.

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Never use liquid in tires or wheel
weights as ballast. Transmission damage can occur.

When rear ballast is needed, use only the approved rear weight
bracket and attaching weights.

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Do not use chains with mower deck
or tiller.





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