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Page 31: Checking transmission, Service mower

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Service Transmission - 30


• Cracked porcelain.

• Pitted or damaged electrodes.

• Other wear or damage.

8. Replace spark plug as necessary.


9. Check plug gap (B) with a wire feeler gauge. To change gap, move the
outer electrode.

• Gap must be 0.76 mm (0.030 in.).

10. Install and tighten spark plugs to 20 N•m (15 lb-ft).

11. Connect spark plug wire(s) and lower hood.

Adjusting Carburetor

NOTE: Carburetor is calibrated by the engine manufacturer and is
not adjustable.

If engine is operated at altitudes above 1829 m (6,000 ft), some
carburetors may require a special high altitude main jet. See your
authorized dealer.

If engine is hard to start or runs rough, check the TROUBLESHOOTING
section of this manual.

Possible engine surging will occur at high throttle with transmission in N
neutral and mower engagement lever disengaged. This is a normal
condition due to the emission control system.

After performing the checks in the troubleshooting section and your engine
is still not performing correctly, contact your authorized dealer.

Replacing Fuel Filter

NOTE: Change filter when fuel is low.

1. Park machine safely. (See Parking Safely in the SAFETY section.)

2. Let engine cool.

3. Lift hood.

4. Handle fuel safely. (See Handling Fuel Safely in the SAFETY section.)

5. Put a drain pan under fuel filter.


6. Slide hose clamps (A) away from fuel filter (B) using a pliers.

7. Disconnect hoses from filter, and raise fuel lines vertically to avoid fuel

8. Connect hoses to new filter making sure the filter arrow is pointed in the
direction of the fuel flow.

9. Install clamps and check for leaks.

10. Lower hood.

Service Transmission

Checking Transmission

The transmission is a sealed component. No maintenance is required on
this transmission. If you suspect any transmission problems, please
contact your authorized dealer.

Service Mower

Removing or Installing Mower Drive Belt at Engine
Drive Sheave (122 cm (48 in.) and 137 cm (54 in.)
Mower Deck)

1. Park machine safely. (See Parking Safely in SAFETY section.)

2. Put lift lever in lowest position.


IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Incorrect installation of fuel filter
may cause engine damage. Install the filter with the arrow
pointing in the direction of fuel flow (towards the engine) for
proper operation.



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