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Service Intervals - 23


Using the Power Port (If Equipped)

An electric power port (A) can be used for accessories. See your
authorized dealer.

Using CargO Mount System™

The front and rear CargO Mount System™ brackets (B) can be used for
easy attachment of selected optional equipment.

Use John Deere approved optional equipment only. See your Authorized
Service Center for approved optional equipment.

Using Storage Accessories

• Use the storage pocket (C) for small items such as gloves.


• On Models Without Cruise Control: Use the storage retainer (D) to hold
items such as a garage door opener.

Choosing Mower Blades

Three types of mower blades are available for use with LA series mowers.

• 3-N-1 blades. These are general purpose blades that are best suited for
side-discharge operation, but can be used with a bagger attachment, or
with a mulch cover installed. They are not designed for optimal
performance when bagging or mulching.

• Bagger blades. These blades are designed for optimal performance
when used with bagger attachments.

• Mulching blades. These blades are designed for optimal performance
when used with a mulch cover installed.

Mowing Tips

The following recommendations will produce the best lawn cut quality and

• Keep mower blades sharp. Dull blades will tear grass; tips of grass will
then turn brown.

• Cutting grass too short may kill grass and let weeds grow easily. The
suggested finished cut height range is 44 - 70 mm (1.75 - 2.75 in.).

• Adjust cutting height to remove only 1/3 of the grass at a time.

• Do not mow wet grass.

• Mow grass often. Short grass clippings will decay quickly.

• Mow with engine at full throttle.

• Adjust travel speed to match mowing conditions:

• Travel at slow speed when you mow thick, tall grass, make sharp turns
or trim around objects.

• Travel at moderate speed when you mow thin grass.

• Use a different mowing pattern each time you mow. Overlap mowing
paths 50 - 100 mm (2 - 4 in.).

• Drive over ridges and through shallow ditches straight-on, not at an


• Mow around the outside twice, then mow inside in straight passes. Best
cut is achieved when mowing in a straight line.

• When mowing or mulching near pavement, overlap the pavement by 50
mm (2 in.) to allow clippings to dispense over grass.

• A thick layer of mulched leaves can prevent sunlight from getting to grass
and smother it. Taller grass heights allow mulched leaves to dispense
easier in lawn. Mulch leaves several times if needed.

• Use a thatcher in late spring or summer to pull up dead grass and aerate

• For Mulching Mower: Shorter cut heights will provide better cut quality,
but may leave noticeable clippings. Higher cut heights will reduce
clippings, but cut quality may decline.

Service Intervals

Servicing Your Machine

Please use the following timetables to perform routine maintenance on
your machine.


After First 8 Hours

• Change engine oil.

• On 107 cm (42 in.) deck: Check and adjust mower deck belt tension.

• On 107 cm (42 in.) deck: Check and adjust mower deck spindle brakes.

• Lubricate mower spindles

• Lubricate mower pivot points.


CAUTION: Avoid injury! Safe operation requires your full

attention. Do not wear radio or music headphones while operating


IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Operating in extreme conditions
may require more frequent service intervals:

• Engine components may become dirty or plugged when
operating in extreme heat, dust or other severe conditions.

• Engine oil can degrade if machine is operated constantly at slow
or low engine speeds or for frequent short periods of time.

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