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Operating - 21


3. Hook mulch cover to mower deck:

• On 122 cm (48 in.) deck, wheel bracket grooves (F).


• On 107 cm (42 in.) deck, slot (G) on left side and wheel bracket hole

4. Lower discharge chute and metal deflector.

5. Make sure bagger blades are not installed for maximum mulching

Using Wash Port to Clean Mower Deck

NOTE: Follow this procedure after each use to prevent buildup and
remove corrosive lawn chemicals.

1. Park machine safely. (See Parking Safely in the Safety section).


2. Attach a garden hose with quick-coupler to wash port (A) on the mower

3. Turn on water.

4. Start engine.

5. Run at full throttle.

6. Engage mower blades.

7. Flush water under deck for approximately one minute.

8. Disengage mower blades.

9. Stop engine.

10. Turn off water and remove garden hose from wash port.

Unplugging Mower, Bagger, or Material Collection

Checking For Plugging While Driving

If grass builds up in front of mower discharge chute, check for plugged
chute or problems with blower assembly (if equipped).

If there is a trail of clippings behind mower or clippings blow to the side,
check for plugged chute, full collector bags, or problems with blower

Removing Debris From Inspection Points:

1. Park machine safely. Wait for all moving parts to stop before getting off
to inspect machine.

2. Open hopper cover. Check chute outlet.

3. Remove chute from mower deck or blower assembly. Check chute inlet.

4. Check under mower deck for debris.

Moving Machine by Hand

1. Unlock the park brake.

2. Put transmission in N (neutral).





CAUTION: Avoid injury! Do not attempt to unplug

attachment with machine running.

• Rotating blades are dangerous. Shut off the engine and
remove the key before getting off the seat to inspect the
machine and attachment.

• Thrown objects can cause serious injury. Make sure all
machine parts are stopped before raising hopper top or
removing chutes.


CAUTION: Avoid injury! Do not use hands or feet to clear

plugged mower deck or blower assembly. Stored energy can cause
blades to rotate.


CAUTION: Avoid injury! When the bypass valve is open, the

machine will have unrestricted motion.

• Do not open the bypass valve when the machine is stopped
on an incline to prevent it from going downhill out of control.

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Transmission damage may occur if
the machine is towed or moved incorrectly:

• Move machine by hand only.

• Do not use another vehicle to move machine.

• Do not tow machine.

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