Appendix – Sharp VL-Z7U User Manual

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Mini DV Cassette

Precautions when using a Mini DV

• Be sure to use only Mini DV cassettes with

the i mark.

• This camcorder can record and play back

using Mini DV cassettes with cassette
memory, but it cannot record or play back
this memory.

• To record in LP mode, use a Mini DV

cassette labeled for use with LP mode.

• Do not insert anything into the holes on the

bottom of the Mini DV cassette or block
them in any way.

• Avoid placing the Mini DV cassette in

areas conducive to dust or mold.

• Do not place the Mini DV cassette near

magnetic sources such as electric clocks
or magnetic devices as this may adversely
affect recorded material.

• When a previously recorded Mini DV

cassette is used again for recording, the
previously recorded material will be
automatically erased.

• The Mini DV cassette will not operate if

inserted in the wrong direction.

• Do not repeatedly insert and eject the Mini

DV cassette without running the tape as
this may cause uneven tape winding and
damage the tape.

• Do not place the Mini DV cassette in direct

sunlight, near strong heat sources, or in
areas with excessive steam.

• Store the Mini DV cassette in its case and

stand it in an upright position.

• If the tape is not properly wound, rewind

the tape.

• Do not drop the Mini DV cassette or

subject it to excessive shocks.

To protect recordings against
accidental erasure

Slide the protect tab on the rear of the Mini
DV cassette to the “SAVE” position.

To record over a previously recorded tape,
slide the protect tab to the “REC” position.

Erasure protect tab

Copyright Protection

The digital VCR has far superior recording
and playback ability than the traditional
analog VCR, and in order to protect digital
video software copyrights, a system for
managing copyrights has been established.
Some digital video recording with prere-
corded copyright protection signals can still
be played back on this camcorder. If you
play a digital video recording that has a
copyright protection signal on video
equipment with a DV terminal and attempt
to record a copy of that software on this
appears on the screen and the recording is

This product incorporates copyright
protection technology that is protected
by method claims of certain U.S. patents
and other intellectual property rights
owned by Macrovision Corporation and
other rights owners. Use of this copyright
protection technology must be autho-
rized by Macrovision Corporation, and is
intended for home and other limited
viewing uses only unless otherwise
authorized by Macrovision Corporation.
Reverse engineering or disassembly is