Power standby mode, Turning on/off the backlight, Basic operations camera recording – Sharp VL-Z7U User Manual

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Basic Operations

Basic Operations
Camera Recording

Power Standby Mode

Available mode:

Tape Camera

Power Standby mode allows you to prevent
accidental recording by locking all
operations except canceling the mode.

Hold down the STANDBY button for more
than 2 seconds when you pause record-
ing in Tape Camera mode.

• The screen turns off and the STANDBY

indicator lights up.

Turning on/off the

Available modes:

All modes

You can see the on-screen display outdoors
on a sunny day or in a location with bright
lighting even when the backlight turns off.
Also, this function is useful when watching
playback on a TV.

Hold down the LCD LAMP button for
more than 2 seconds to turn off the

• “BACKLIGHT OFF” will flash for two seconds,


H appears on the LCD screen.

To turn on the backlight

Press the LCD LAMP button.

• The BACKLIGHT OFF mode will cancel when

you close the LCD monitor.

To resume operation

Press the STANDBY button again to
return to the Recording Standby mode.

• It takes about 2 seconds to be able to start


• Power Standby will cancel and the STANDBY

indicator will turn off in these situations below:
— When the camcorder remains in Power

Standby mode more than 5 minutes

— When the camcorder is set to Card

Camera, Tape Playback or Card Playback

— When removing the battery pack
— When removing a cassette

• The camcorder will turn off automatically in 5

minutes after setting Power Standby mode if
it remains in Recording Standby mode after
canceling Power Standby mode.
— When Power Standby mode, for example,

is canceled after 3 minutes, the
camcorder will turn off if recording is not
started within 2 minutes.

STANDBY indicator

STANDBY button

LCD LAMP button