Sharp VL-Z7U User Manual

Page 111

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\ Memory Card and



SD (Secure Digital) Memory Cards and
MultiMediaCards are small, handy and flexible
storage media used in a variety of mobile
applications. They are one of the smallest
memory solutions available on the market.
This camcorder uses either an SD Memory
Card or a MultiMediaCard. It cannot use a
SmartMedia/ card or Memory Stick


Memory Stick

b media


/ Memory Card




\ card


• Be sure to insert the card in the correct

direction. Do not try to force the card in.

• Store the card in its antistatic plastic case

when not in use.

• Do not disassemble or modify the card.
• Do not strike, bend or drop the card.
• Do not allow the card to become wet.
• Do not peel off the card label.
• Do not attach other labels or stickers to the


• Do not expose to extreme heat sources (e.g.

sunlight, heating appliances).

• Do not store in a highly humid or dusty place.
• Do not store in a place exposed to corrosive


• Do not use in a place exposed to strong


Protecting your images

• Select the write-protect switch on the exterior

card casing to protect your images. (SDMC)

• Do not power off any devices while transfer-

ring data, as this may destroy the data.

• Back up your image data often to a hard disk

or other permanent storage media.

• Be aware that formatting will erase all image

data stored on the card.

Sharp Corporation cannot be held liable

for data that is lost through improper
handling of the storage media.


• Be careful not to allow dirt and finger grime

buildup around the card contacts.

• Be careful about static electricity, which can

suddenly erase data.

• If you notice dirt or static electricity, clean the

card with a soft, dry cloth.


• Be careful about condensation forming on the

card surface, which can cause malfunction.

• If you notice beads of water on the card,

allow it to evaporate and dry naturally.

• An SD Memory Card has more advanced

features than a MultiMediaCard, including
cryptographic security for copyrighted
data and a selectable mechanical write-
protect switch.

• The card slot on this camcorder is compat-

ible with an SD Memory Card or

• An SD Memory Card and a

MultiMediaCard are cross-compatible.
Data stored on one can be easily
transferred to the other.

• This camcorder is verified to work properly

with the following card memory types.

—SD Memory Card: 128 MB or less
—MultiMediaCard: 64 MB or less

Removable Storage Care

Below are some precautions to ensure a
long life and perfect performance from your
SD Memory Card (SDMC) or
MultiMediaCard (MMC). Information specific
to one card is attached with the card’s
acronym (either SDMC or MMC).