Sharp VL-Z7U User Manual

Page 113

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Window cleaning cover

AC Adapter

• The AC adapter may interfere with

reception if used near a radio.

• Prevent flammables, liquids, and metal

objects from entering the adapter.

• The adapter is a sealed unit. Do not

attempt to open or modify it.

• Do not damage, drop, or subject the

adapter to vibration.

• Do not leave the adapter in direct sunlight.

• Avoid using the adapter in humid or

extremely hot places.

Replacing the Fluorescent

This camcorder uses a fluorescent lamp to
backlight the LCD monitor. If the monitor
becomes dark or difficult to view, the
fluorescent lamp may need to be replaced.
Contact the nearest SHARP service center
or your dealer for further advice.


• Many plastic parts are used in the

camcorder casing. Do not use thinner,
benzene or other strong chemical
cleaners. These may cause discoloration
and damage to the casing.

• Clean the casing with a soft, dry cloth. If

the casing is particularly dirty, wipe the
casing with a tightly wrung cloth damp-
ened with a diluted, neutral detergent.
Then wipe it again with a soft, dry cloth.

• Use a soft cloth to wipe finger marks and

other smudges off the LCD screen.

• Use a soft cloth, or compressed air and

lens paper designed for photographic
lenses to clean the lens.

• Pull out the viewfinder and open the

window cleaning cover as shown below so
that you can clean up the inside of the
viewfinder with a camera blower.

Extending battery pack life

Even when the battery pack is not used, the
capacity of the battery pack will naturally
deteriorate over time. To limit the deteriora-
tion of the capacity, it is recommended to
perform the following procedure at least
once every six months:

1 Charge the battery pack until the

POWER/CHARGE (RED) indicator turns

2 Attach the battery pack to the

camcorder, and set the Power switch to

v without inserting a cassette. Allow
the battery power to fully discharge by
leaving it on the camcorder until the
camcorder power automatically turns

3 Remove the battery pack and store it

between 50°F and 68°F (10°C and