Appendix – Sharp VL-Z7U User Manual

Page 118

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• This unit is equipped with a microprocessor. Its performance could be adversely affected by

external electrical noise or interference. If this should happen, turn off the power and disconnect
the unit from any power sources, including the lithium battery, etc. Then reconnect the power
sources to resume operation.

• If the characters displayed in the viewfinder or on the LCD monitor screen appear to malfunc-

tion, disconnect the power source and remove the lithium battery, then reconnect the power
source, insert the lithium battery, and turn the power on again. The characters on the monitor
should be normal. Set the date and time, then resume operation.


Remote control does
not function.

“E007” is displayed
on the screen, and
unable to operate

Possible cause

REMOTE menu item is set to “OFF”.

Remote control battery has run

Remote control used beyond oper-
ating range.

Intense daylight falling on
camcorder remote sensor.

Obstacle between remote control
and camcorder remote sensor.

The camcorder may be damaged.

Suggested solution

Set REMOTE menu item to “ON”
(p. 47).

Replace remote control battery with
new one (p. 13).

Use remote control within operating
range (p. 47).

Protect remote sensor from expo-
sure to intense daylight (p. 47).

Remove obstacle or use remote
control from different angle (p. 47).

Do not take out a cassette, and call
for service (p. 105).