Sat measurement – Kathrein MSK 25 User Manual

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SAT measurement


Frequency Display and Frequency Entry

To measure the level of a received signal, you must first enter the
frequency required. The LC display indicates the frequency and the level
measured. Frequency entry is possible from 920 MHz to 2150 MHz in
100 kHz steps.

SAT Menu Frequency Entry

[SAT/TV] Changing over to SAT reception

[0] to [9] Entering frequency

[+] [-]

Varying frequency in 100 kHz steps

[ENTER] Confirming your entry

LC display:

• Frequency: 1288 MHz
• Mode: SAT
• Level: 66.5 dBµV A (A = analogue)


Enter the frequency 1508 MHz by pressing [1] [5] [0] [8] [ENTER]

LC display:

• frequency: 1508 MHz
• mode: SAT
• level: 86.5 dBµV (A = analogue)

The indicaton „+“ or „–“ on the display means that the MSK 25 has not
been exactly tuned to the carrier required. Bei pressing either [+] or [-],
the frequency can be finetuned for optimum reception. This has been
achieved when a vertical line appears on the display.


Press [ENTER] to complete the frequency entry.

The last frequency entry will be retained even after you have switched off
the MSK25, provided that the entry was carried out via numeric character
input ending with ‚MHz‘

FR:1288.0MHz SAT
LEV: 66.5dBuV A │

FR:1508.0MHz SAT
LEV: 86.5dBuV A │