Sat measurement – Kathrein MSK 25 User Manual

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SAT measurement


LNB Voltage and 22 kHz/60 Hz Change-Over

The LNB supply voltage can be obtained from the RF socket. For
checking purposes, the LED beside the RF socket flashes when the
voltage supply is switched on. The power consumption of the connected
LNB is displayed on the LCD.

The additionally connectable 22 kHz square-wave signal or the 60 Hz
square-wave signal respectively will superimpose the LNB voltage when
connected. It is necessary, e. g., for the change-over of multifeed
systems or high band/low band LNB’s.

The LNB voltage is disengageable.

• Disengageable = 0 V
• Adjustable from 5 V to 20 V in 0.1 V steps
• Short-circuit proof (max. current 500 mA from 10 V to 20 V)

(max. current 100 mA from 5 to 9.9 V)

The following voltages can be called up via short cut:


LNB voltage


0 V


12 V


14 V


18 V


5 V


60 Hz


22 kHz

LNB Voltage Menu

[2ndF] [LNB] Calling up LNB menu

[0] bis [5]

Selecting LNB voltage

[-] oder [+]

Adjusting LNB voltage in 0.1 V steps


60 Hz signal on/off


22 kHz signal on/off

[2ndF] [2ndF] Exit


Calling up LNB voltage 14 V:

Press [2ndF] [LNB] [2]

LC display:

• LNB voltage: 14 V
• Power consumption: 150 mA


Press [+] or [-] to adjust the LNB voltage in 0.1 V steps.

By calling up a different function, e.g. [2ndF] [CH-FRQ], the LNB menu
will be closed automatically.