Sat measurement, Dvb-s mer, ber and offset measurement, Mpeg picture representation (option) in dvb-s – Kathrein MSK 25 User Manual

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SAT measurement


DVB-S MER, BER and Offset Measurement

The modulation error rate (MER), the bit error rate (BER) and the carrier
offset can be measured to rate the digital reception quality. Chapter
‚standard change-over‘ describes how to select between SAT/analogue
and DVB-S.

Calling up DVB-S measurement:

Press [2ndF] [DVB] in SAT reception mode

LC display:

• (MER) modulation error rate: 12.6 dB
• (BER) bit error rate: 1.7e-7
• Carrier offset +0.72 MHz

In case there are no bit errors identified due to a strong DVB signal,
BER=0.0e+0 is indicated on the display.

MPEG Picture Representation (option) in DVB-S

After selecting DVB measurement by pressing [2ndF] [DVB], the list of
programmes received via digital transport data stream is displayed on the
TFT screen.

Press [+] or [-] to select the desired programme and confirm your entry
by pressing [Enter].

In case of an FTA programme, picture and sound of the desired
programme are decoded and represented or reproduced respectively via
the loudspeaker which is built in.

Select another programme on the list by pressing [Enter] once more.

Press [2ndF] to exit digital reception.


For measuremts exceeding 100 dBµV please use the enclosed
attenuation plug, as otherwise no video representation and no MER and
BER measurements are possible.

(Find indications on the frequency response of the enclosed attenuation
plug on the last page)

MER:12.6dB MHz
BER:1.7e-7 + 0.72