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WorkCentre Pro 665/685/765/785


Document Conventions

A document convention is simply a way of presenting information.
This section explains the conventions used in the Workcentre Pro
User’s Guide.

Many procedures require you to press a key to perform a function;
these keys appear in boldface type.

For example: Press Start to send a fax.

When you use the Menu Mode, you may have to press a series of
keys before arriving at the desired menu. The resulting screen
message for each step appears next to the series of keys pressed.

For example: The procedure to enable the Send Header would
appear as follows:

To enable the send header:




Select where you want the fax header to be printed:

To print the header in the document area, press


To print the header above the document area, press


To not print a header, press



The menu selection screen redisplays. Press

Stop to return to

the Standby Mode.


Send header
1. Inside
2. Outside
3. Off

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765, 665, 685