LG 785 User Manual

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Machine Overview

WorkCentre Pro 665/685/765/785


Resend — Normally, document data (stored in memory for
transmission) is cleared if the transmission fails to reach a remote
facsimile. This function enables the machine to save the stored
document and allows you to re-schedule the transmission.

Group Transmission — Sends the same document to more
than one location via multiple, sequential transmissions.
Sometimes referred to as broadcast.

Relay Transmission — Sends a document to a relay station.
The relay station then sends the document to another relay
station or to the final receiving stations. The origination and relay
stations must be ITU-T relay communication compatible units.

Mailbox Communications — The Mailbox feature allows you to
store documents in memory on your machine, or that of a remote
machine, with a Mailbox number. Other remote parties can then
access the document using the assigned Mailbox number.

The WorkCentre provides. ITU-T - the standard mailbox system
is used with compatible ITU-T machines.

Polling Transmission — This feature allows you to load a
document in your machine to be polled or “received” by a remote
machine. The remote party places the call.

Secure Send — This feature enables your machine to send the
document only when the number dialled matches with the remote
machines ID telephone number.

Sub address ITU-T — This feature allows you to communicate
(poll or send) to a specified sub address on a network. The
WorkCentre uses the ITU-T Mailbox number for the sub address.

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