LG 785 User Manual

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Safety Certification and Environmental Compliance


WorkCentre Pro 665/685/765/785


This product must be earthed

This product is equipped with a 3-wire grounding type plug (e.g., a
plug having a third grounding pin). This plug will fit only into a
grounding-type power outlet. This is a safety feature. To avoid risk of
electric shock, contact your electrician to replace the receptacle if you
are unable to insert the plug into the outlet. Never us a grounding
adapter plug to connect the copier to a power source receptacle that
lacks a ground connection terminal.

This product should be operated from the type of power source
indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power
available, consult your local power company.

Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord. Do not locate the
product where persons will step or trip on the cord.

Your equipment is equipped with an energy saving device to
conserve power when the machine is not in use. The machine may
be left on continuously.

Slots and Openings in the cabinet and in the back and sides of the
product are provided for ventilation. To ensure reliable operation of
the product and to protect it from overheating, these openings must
not be blocked or covered. The product should never be located near
or over a radiator or heat register. This product should not be placed
in a built-in installation unless proper ventilation is provided.

Never push objects of any kind into the slots of the product as they
may touch dangerous voltage points or short out parts which could
result in a fire or electric shock.

Never spill liquid of any kind on the product.

Never remove covers or guards that require a tool for removal, unless
directed to do so in a Xerox approved maintenance kit.

Never defeat interlock switches. Machines are designed to restrict
operator access to unsafe areas. Covers, guards and interlock
switches are provided to ensure that the machine will not operate with
covers opened.

Use of an extension cord with this product is not recommended
or authorized
. Users should check building codes and insurance
requirements if a properly earthed extension cord is to be used.
Ensure that the total ampere ratings of the products plugged into the

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