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Machine Overview

WorkCentre Pro 665/685/765/785



Machine Overview

This chapter provides an overview of the WorkCentre’s hardware
features and operation. The Control Panel is discussed and each key
is defined.

System Overview

The WorkCentre allows the user to send, receive, copy, and print
documents. The ControlCentre software allows you to program the
Fax settings on a PC and write the settings to the WorkCentre.

When you switch on the power and the system has warmed up, the
machine is in the standby, or idle mode and is ready to use. When an
action completes successfully, the machine returns to the Standby
Mode and displays the following information:

Through the Menu mode, you can configure the standard machine
settings or customize your machine. Refer to Chapter 4 “Getting
Started” for basic programming instructions and procedures for
setting the standard machine settings.

For optimum performance, the machine should be left on 24 hours a
day. While the machine is powered on, the internal batteries are

The primary battery retains the programmed data for up to 5 years if
the machine loses power. Document data stored in a machine with
standard memory is retained for up to 72 hours during a power failure
or power off, where the image battery is fully charged for more than 8
hours prior to power off.

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