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Machine Overview


WorkCentre Pro 665/685/765/785

Hardware Features

* Not available in all markets.
** Not available on some models.



Document Output Tray

Collects the document pages following a
transmission or copy operation. Contains an
extension to support larger documents.

Control Panel

Contains the keys to program system features or
operate the machine.

Document Guides

Guides the document pages into the scanner.

Transmission Cover Open

Releases the Transmission Cover to clear a
document jam.

Document Tray

Supports the documents to be copied or transmitted.

Handset Connector*

Provides a jack for connecting the optional handset.

Telephone Connector

Provides a standard modular jack for connecting a

Line Connector
(Lines 1 & 2**)

A standard modular jack for connecting the phone
line to line 1 or line 2 for fax communications.

Right Side Cover

Allows access for clearing paper jams.

Top Cover Open Lever

Releases the Top Cover for accessing consumables
or clearing a paper jam.

Paper Tray

Supplies the cut sheet paper to the WorkCentre. A
paper size sensor is located in the paper tray
assembly to automatically detect and use the proper
paper size when in the receive mode.

Copy Output Tray

Collects printed documents.

Power Switch

Switches the WorkCentre power On/Off.

Power Cord

Supplies power to the machine.

Bi-directional Parallel
Connector (IEEE 1284

Connects the WorkCentre to a PC.

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