Machine overview – LG 785 User Manual

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Machine Overview

WorkCentre Pro 665/685/765/785


Manual Group

This feature allows the user to send a document to multiple
remote machines by simply pressing the Manual Group key
and entering the telephone numbers.


This feature automatically performs transmissions of multiple
documents going to the same phone number. Documents
sent to the same location are transmitted with one phone call,
thus saving time and call connecting costs.

Refuse Junk mail

With this feature selected, your WorkCentre only receives
from those remote units with phone numbers assigned to
your Speed Dial or One Touch phonebooks.

Receive to Memory

Automatically stores up to 100 received documents to
available memory if the paper runs out or if a paper jam

Collated Fax

With this feature selected, incoming documents are received
to memory and then printed “last page first”.

This feature stacks the document with page 1 on top.

Super Power-Saver Mode

This feature turns off areas of the machine, which have a
high power consumption.

Printer Power Saver Mode

This feature turns off the printer fuser unit to reduce the
power consumption.

Optional Accessories

The WorkCentre can be optioned with up to two additional
paper trays, a bypass tray, a handset*, PCL Printing Card
and Network card.


ControlCentre is software package that can be loaded on a

PC. The ControlCentre software allows you to program most
of the machine settings using the PC, then write the settings
to the WorkCentre.

PC Printing

With the Windows

Printer Driver installed on your PC and

the parallel print cable attached to the parallel port, the
WorkCentre can be used to print from the PC. Network
printing is supported by installing an optional Network card.

DocuLAN Fax

Using the optional DocuLAN Fax kit, the Workcentre may be
used on a Local Area Network.

Additional In-box Software

Please refer to the individual software packages for
information regarding installation and usage.



This manual is related to the following products:

765, 665, 685