Copy mode, Menu mode, Pc printing mode – LG 785 User Manual

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Machine Overview

WorkCentre Pro 665/685/765/785


Copy Mode

When the machine is in the Copy Mode, the display informs about the
machine status as the machine prints single or multiple copies of the
document. When in the copy mode, the following information is

The displays indicates Copying.

Paper size — Auto/LT/LG/A4

Collate Feature — Collate On/Off


Menu Mode

When the machine is in the Menu Mode, the display indicates each
programmable feature, and the settings selected. As you scroll
through the menu, the machine prompts you for the information
necessary to program each feature.

Several of the features accessed through the Direct Access Function
Keys also use menu access.

For a complete overview of the programmable features, refer to the
Menu Flow Map in the System Administrator’s Guide. o.n your

PC Printing Mode

Using the ControlCentre software and appropriate printer drivers, the
WorkCentre can communicate with your PC to allow PC printing and
programming of features.

DocuLAN Fax Mode

When the optional DocuLAN Fax software is installed, the LAN Mode
is available through the connected PC.

This manual is related to the following products:

765, 665, 685