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Machine Overview


WorkCentre Pro 665/685/765/785


Auto Reception — When this mode is active, your machine
automatically answers all incoming calls, and automatically
completes the communication.

Manual Reception — This mode allows you to answer all
incoming calls manually. If the incoming call is a fax, you can
receive the incoming fax by pressing


Memory Reception — When the feature is enabled and your
machine runs out of paper, toner, or has a paper jam, and cannot
print the received documents, the data is stored in memory. As
soon as the problem is corrected, the documents are printed

Polling Reception — Allows your machine to retrieve a
document set up on a remote machine, even when the remote
machine is unattended.

Refuse Junk Mail — This function prevents your machine from
receiving documents from unknown parties. Documents are only
received from parties whose fax numbers are assigned Speed
Dial or One Touch dialing numbers on your machine.

Collated Printing — Incoming documents are stored in memory
as they are received. The documents are then printed, last page
to first page in order.

Reduce Receive — When a document is received and it is
longer than the copy paper, this feature selects whether to reduce
the document or divide the document into multiple pages.

Secure Receive — When enabled, the machine receives all
documents into memory during the specified time. The
documents automatically print at the end of the specified time.

Multi Access Communications

Using the built-in memory, as many as 100 operations can be
programmed whilst other operations are being carried out, for
maximum equipment utilization and efficiency. For example, you can
store a document to memory while the machine is receiving a
document. Refer to the Multi Access Function Tables that follow.

“X” indicates that the functions can be performed at the same time.

This manual is related to the following products:

765, 665, 685