Features – Oracle Audio Technologies Sun Oracle SunDual 10GbE XFP User Manual

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Chapter 1

Product Overview



The Sun x8 Express Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber XFP Low Profile Adapter
provides the following features:

Two full-duplex 10 gigabit Ethernet interface that use a 10 gigabit Ethernet small
form factor pluggable (XFP), optical transceiver with duplex LC fiber connector

IEEE 802.3ae 2002 compliant

Uses Sun’s own ASIC and software for innovative throughput networking design

Networking I/O virtualization supporting Solaris LDOM 1.0. (VMware support
planned for mid 07)

Hardware-based flow classification for extending parallelism and virtualization to

Up to 16 Receive DMA channels and up to 24 Transmit DMA channels, multiple
receive and transmit Descriptor Rings and dedicated networking hardware
resources (DMA, interrupts, buffer, and more) for each thread or strand

CPU/thread affinity and CPU load balancing at L1,L2,L3 and L4

Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR)

Jumbo frame support (up to 9KBytes)

IPv4/IPv6 and IPMP support

TCP/UDP/IP checksum and CRC32C support

IEEE 802.1Q VLAN support