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Chapter 6

Configuring the Jumbo Frames Feature


Enabling Jumbo Frames in a Solaris

This section describes how to enable jumbo frames in both a SPARC and an x86

▼ To Enable Jumbo Frames in a Solaris

Environment Using nxge.conf

1. Enable Jumbo Frames for a port using the nxge.conf file. For example,

2. Reboot the system:

3. Set the maximum MTU for maximum performance:

▼ To Check Layer 2 Configuration

View the maximum transmission unit (MTU) configuration of an nxge instance
at any time with the
kstat command.

The kstat mac_mtu variable represents the complete size of the Ethernet frame,
which includes the Ethernet header, maximum payload, and crc. This value
should be equal to or less than the MTU configured on the switch.

name = "pciex108e,abcd" parent = "/pci@780/pci@0/pci@8/network@0"

unit-address = "0"


% boot -r

# ifconfig nxge mtu 9194

# kstat nxge:0 | grep mac_mtu