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Sun Dual 10GbE XFP PCI Express Card User’s Guide • May 2010

Configuring Link Aggregation in a
Solaris Environment

This section explains how to configure link aggregation in a Solaris environment.

▼ To Configure Link Aggregation in a Solaris


1. Aggregate nxge0 and nxge1 to form an aggregation and a random number 33 as


a. Unplumb the interfaces to be aggregated:

b. Create a link-aggregation group with key 33 without specifying mode:

As the command returns, one line appears in /etc/aggregation.conf file and
indicates that the default mode is off, as shown in the following example:

# ifconfig down unplumb nxge0

# ifconfig down unplumb nxge1

# dladm create-aggr -d nxge0 -d nxge1 33

# tail -1 /etc/aggregation.conf

33 L4 2 nxge0/0,nxge1/0 auto off short

# dladm show-aggr

key: 33 (0x0021) policy: L4 address: 0:3:ba:d8:9d:e8 (auto)

device address speed duplex link state

nxge0 0:3:ba:d8:9d:e8 10000 Mbps full up standby

nxge1 0:3:ba:d8:9d:e9 10000 Mbps full up standby

# dladm show-link aggr33

aggr33 type: non-vlan mtu: 1500 aggregation: key 33